Objectives (English)
Our mission is to provide quality education and health services for orphans and poverty-afflicted women. Also providing support to family of orphans.

Currently AAFWAC is financially supporting two schools, a clinic with laboratory, and vocational classes for women. We have 200 students at our school in Kabul and 100 students in our school at Faryab Province. The vocational classes are located at our Kabul school and consists of English and sewing classes.

  • To lease a new school building infrastructure due to the need for extra and larger classrooms, an office, a library and clinic.
  • Hiring more qualified and experienced teachers as well as improving teacher training.
  • Enrolling more of the students that are on the waiting list.
  • Improving students’ academic levels to meet international academic standards through using new effective teaching methods.
  • Providing psychological and counseling sessions for the children.
  • Providing self-esteem building workshops.
  • Reminding them that there are individuals that truly care about them and are concerned with their well-being and future. Our strategy for accomplishing this goal is by introducing them to their own personal support system through the sponsorship program.
  • Providing debate classes that will focus on principles such as respecting others, listening to others’ ideas/opinions, debating in an effective yet peaceful manner. AAFWAC believes that teaching and practicing these critical skills will help lead to a more open-minded and peaceful society.
  • Stressing the importance of a quality education.
  • Helping them to see the “big picture” and their role in society as knowledgeable citizens.
  • Stressing the fact that not only does a quality education have personal benefits but it also benefits the country in that it helps prepare a stronger, well-informed workforce. In addition, the many leaders that can spring as a result of receiving a quality education. The possibilities are endless.
  • Motivating and inspiring Afghan Communities all around the world to get involved in our organization. Our sponsorship program is a great way to get started!
  • Getting assistance from other charity organizations interested in our work.
  • Providing more vocational classes for women, especially single mothers. Our goal is to make these women self-sustainable.
  • To improve our current clinic and accompanying laboratory. Possibly to open more medical facilities in the future.